Kitties Gallery

all my cats in past and present, my own housecats as well as the strays that live in the garden.

Gershon Nickname Tuli.

spring 2004-January 2005 died in unknown accident, 8 months old, found as a stray kitten.

 Lived inside the house. Gershon was our first cat.

Status: passed away


Joey nickname Amos

Born May 2007.

came to us as a stray kitten around 2 months old, blind in one eye due to infection before he came to us.

missing sinse September 14th 2009, lived inside the house.

Beautiful, quiet and sweet cat. Did he leave because of the new litter left at our doorstep? Because of Bobo?

Had accidents that had to be treated (because of bad sight?), otherwise Healthy cat.

Status unknown.


Lucifer nicknamed Van Gogh

no dates, probably older streetcat, battledamaged, missing one ear, lives in our frontgarden, does not come inside.

Sweet cat, eveybodies friend. Healthy cat. but bad and missing teeth.


Earl Grey nickname Grissom or Grey

huge obese neutered male, born in 2005 according to the vet. Grey is probably a long lost cat from the neighbours and for sure being fed elsewhere too as he is way overweight. We had him threated for an open legwound but otherwise healthy. Sweet big cat. Needs diet.

Grey comes to eat every once twice a week.


Dobbie nickname Dobson

large adult longhaired pretty female stray cat, unknown age, sweet but loves to nag, comes to eat from time to time. Healthy cat. Has been abandoned.


Winston, nickname Winnie.

born around 2005 according to the vet, lives with Sharon. Persian cat, came to us as a stray in 2008, had been abandoned.  Not very healthy  skinny cat, loads of medical problems, with constant treatment. Very weird cat, loves cucumber.


Litter August 2006 - Dropped off litter no.1

Born around August 2006. Bobby, James, Ginger, Bettie and Fiona (only Betty and Fiona still with us - the boys wandered of). This litter was bottlefed from very early on. All of them stayed relatively small in later life. Bettie was the smallest and had more health problems than Fiona from early on.

update: Bettie died of kidney failure at 10 October 2010.

This litter was left by an unknown person in a carton box together with a bottle of milk (!) when they were around a week old, in our backyard. Fiona is the only one of this litter still with us.

Bettie. Betty nickname Bonbonit

August 2006- 10 October 2010, died of kidney problems despite intense treatment

Lived inside the house, sweet little cat. Status: passed away ocotber 2010

Fiona nickname Fiet, Feetee

born August 2006, sister of Bettie, only cat left of this litter still living with us. Comes to eat inside, but most of the time she is outside. Very sweet cat, scared of the others. Healthy cat.


Litter August 2009 - Dropped off litter no.2
Mothercat Shus around 7 months old, kittens born in august 2009, Simba, Oliver, Patchouli, Couscous and Bella around one week old when found.

This litter was also left by anonymous in a carton box. Second time this happened to us!!! This time the litter was left abandoned WITH the mothercat though and as they were fed by the mother, they were more healthy and  relatively larger in adult life than the first bottlefed litter.

Shus,  nickname Shoshanka

the mother, born early 2009 we guess. Not a very sweet cat, but she has gone trough a lot. Came to us extremely thin.  Has been abandoned.

Comes inside the house. Healthy cat, gained a lot of weight sinse she is with us.

Patchouli, nickname Avaturi (from Avatar) or Tjoulon

female kitten from this litter, born august 2009. Spayed, sweet cat, lives inside the house.

Healthy cat.


female kitten from this litter, born august 2009. Spayed, sweet cat, lives inside the house but afraid from Bobo. Yael's cat. Healthy cat.

Jojo nickname Udi.

Our only dog! Born in 1998, and an good old boy already. Very gentle with the cats, the sweetest little Snautcher dog in the world.

Litter February 2005

Thomas (died of illness november 2007), Bastet , Philip (at my moms) and two females (not with us)This litter came from a streetcat, probably killed by a car. Bastet is the only one of this litter still with us.

Thomas nickname Tom

born february 2005 - died of illness november 2007, lived inside the house. Nice cat, not yet neutered, former alpha cat. Tommy was bottlefed after we found him wandering the street.

Status: passed away

Bastet, Nickname Tutiet.

sister of Thomas. Born February 2005.

Lives inside the house. Oldest living cat in the family in 2010.Healthy cat.

Sweet cat. but doesn't come near most people.


Litter August 2007 -  choose our garden by coincedence.
Didi, Zohar and Ariel (only Ariel still with us sometimes) - born to stray mother Farah Diba (also not seen sinse) in our frontgarden. This litter did not come inside. Very shy of people.

Didi was spayed after found pregnant, by the vet and released elsewhere by this vet by accident. We could not find her back afterwards. The mother disappeared when the kittens were grown.


born August 2007, Disappeard from the garden in 2008, but alive. Saw her once in 2009 and I think she lives nearby somewhere.

Status unknown.


born august 2007. Disappeard in 2008, but reappeared in 2009. Ariel comes to eat in the garden from time to time. Does not come inside the house, afraid of people. Healthy cat.


Miley nickname Tjupee

Miley was born in april 2009 and just wandered inside our house in May 2009 -no idea where from-, six weeks old and never left. Pretty tortoise female, spayed. Come to eat inside the house, doesn't like to be petted, very hard-headed but cutie.

Healthy cat.



stray, came to us in summer 2009, not neutered and alpha of the family, comes inside the house. Is this our Bobbie we lost early 2007?

Not very sweet  and unreliable cat. Scares Bella and Couscous. Available for adoption :)

Healthy cat.



born August 2006

brother of Bettie and Fiona. Disappeared despite being neutered, loved to be outside and probably still alive.

Status unknown.

James nickname Jimmie

born august 2006,

brother of Bettie and Fiona. Disappeared before being neutered.

Status unknown.



born august 2006,

brother of Bettie and Fiona. Disappeared before being neutered.

This cat disappeared when he was 5 month and could possibly be the cat Bobo who appeared in our garden in 2009. See Bobo.

Status unknown.



born august 2009, male, the only kitten of this litter we lost. Simba ran away before we could have him neutered, when he was around 8-9 months old.

Status unknown.

Oliver nickname Ollebol, or Bollie

born august 2009, male,neutered, lives inside the house, sweet cat but naughty sometimes, loves to climb the bookcases and break something.

Healthy cat.

Bella nickname Bells

female spayed, the most shy of the litter and smallest. Afraid from Bobo, she only eats inside the house but lives outside.

Healthy cat.

Jacob nickname Kobi

Male kitten, walked into my garden on November 13th 2010, born beginning of October 2010 my guess. Abandoned?

cutie, healthy cat

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